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On April 7, 2017
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So we were always curious about the dodgy asiancammodels site that claims to offer just Asian cam model chat. Read our review about how shady AsianCamModels.com is when it comes to their so-called Asian sex cam website.

Say, my man, I totally spent a week immersed in AsianCamModels as a user. My review shares how I blew enough cash for a steak dinner and didn’t get anything but blue balls for my time and money. Here is a detailed review sharing my experiences being a squirrel and just trying to get a nut at the Asian sex cams site called AsianCamModels.com

AsianCamModels Review

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AsianCamModels is filled with boring ladies!!

What the actual fuck did I get myself into was the exact expression I used when I first registered for AsianCamModels. The only thing this site has going for it is a good domain name and a guy who has managed to get traffic from some creative SEO. Let me share the inside scoop on what is really going on.

Years back a company called interactive management systems launched what was a decent Asian cam models website. Over the years they got affiliates to link to them and at first paid their marketing partners. Then after they got good rankings they fucked over all their affiliates taking a go-it-alone approach.

Meanwhile the company partners with super shady studios that are totally fly by night to get cam girls to work at the lowest possible fucking rates then they jack up the prices 5x and serve that garbage to users.

That said, they have actually managed to get worse, not better over time. Expect to still be using flash delivery so crappy live cam feeds on top of the eye-sore design. With that said, we will still discuss the details of their supposed features and what they offer.

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AsianCamModels Features

If you are expecting an only-Asian webcams site that has some of the coolest and sweetest squinty-eyed Asian cam babes I will just tell you to prepare yourself for disappointment. Sure maybe 1-in-1000 are from the orient but the Asian cam girls getting freaky on the cam here are probably living in the ghetto of Manilla and are the types of girls forced into camming.

I just can’t get off knowing how literally shady this Asian chat site is.

AsianCamModels Price
These buggers are just bluffing around.

There are NOT loads of sexy naked Filipina cam girls naked here either and even fewer Japanese cam girls dare to use such a dodgy site. The same site also offers Asians247 (reviews at that link) which sucks as big of balls as this site does.

Selection: Super poor selection of well-manicured Asian cam models, lots of rough ones though.

Mobile Responsive (Y/N): Welcome to the worst Asian mobile sex chat site, the mobile version completely freezes most devices.

Average Cost Per minute: This expensive Asian sex chat site was more costly than most coming in at around $4.80 per minute.

Site Interface: The loading speed of AsianCamModels is so fucking slow that you will be frustrated in no time. Loads of frozen, unresponsive pages, and buffering videos are the perfect way to describe Asian cam models.

After a hard erection, your dick will literally fall asleep looking for one tight Asian pussy here. I am not even kidding, the models aren’t up to the mark. You know sex needs a mood and atmosphere, and the sluts on asiancammodels ruin your mood with their unwelcoming attitude.

These tramps are just after your money, they don’t give a fuck about pleasing you. Don’t even bother wasting your time and money on this lousy site.

Homepage Picture of AsianCamModels
Homepage Picture of AsianCamModels

AsianCamModels Findings & Site Summary

When I first heard about AsianCamModels.com, I thought to myself, cool I really love Asian cam girl but when I actually checked the site itself, this has to have been one of the single worst places on the web for Asian cam sex.

You can’t perform a function without the entire fucking interface freezing, the layout is from circa 1985 and the navigation was really messed up as well.

All things considered, this site fits the analogy of don’t beat a dead horse. Few people still visit asiancammodels with the hope of getting their balls drained watching Asian cam sex, but it is just a wasted effort. Most people realize there are lots of better AsianCamModels alternatives which are more mainstream and legit.

LiveSexAsian.com and SakuraLive.com are cool webcam platforms and better alternatives to AsianCamModels that allow you to get in touch with the hottest Asian cam models who are quite ready to do almost anything to make you really happy. 

Also, take a look at the list of the best adult cam sites! You should definitely check out dxlive which delivers an authentic Japanese cam girls’ chat experience. 

The last work on Asian cam models though is; if you are looking to save some money for cheap Asian cam sex shows then head to Streamate (reviews at that link) where the mobile experience is superior and the selection is top-notch.

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