What Makes a Cam Girl Standout (From a mans perspective)

So today we are discussing the things that make a guy take notice of a cam girl aka webcam model. The question has been asked by many surely millions of times but here is the truth straight from one mans mouth. First of all, lets refer back to an old and still common analogy. Here is the scenario…3 guys are going out for a weekend and one says to the other, “Let’s find some strange”! This common phrase really means exactly what it says. For most of us guys when we go to an adult webcams site what we are looking for is something REALLY DIFFERENT that what we already have at home. So if our girlfriend is a short brunette, we most certainly are not apt to want to masturbate on cam with a look-a-like cam girl who resembles our girlfriend or wife; no we want something truly strange.

What is Strange: Unique Cam Girls

So don’t get me wrong; in most cases us guys are not looking for bizarre looking women on webcams or anything truly odd as much as just something well-defined and bold in appearance and opposite of what we have or new to us as far as sexual experiences. It’s more about sexual exploration than about the hair color, height, weight, or any of these physical features. However, these features can certainly play a part.

Clothes Make the Cam Girl

By well-defined I mean when guys are looking for a unique new sexual exploration or conquest what really catches our eye is a cam girl who carries herself well and stands out for just her personality versus the acts she is doing on cam. Likewise, as we survey hundreds of nude girls at cam sites those who have that sexy confident “Look” is what meets the definition of strange to us. The best way for a cam girl to take advice from this post is maybe to dress boldly and show your face often as well as by smiling a lot. However, the purpose of this post is not cam girl advice as just a confessional of what makes cam girls standout at cam sites. Attire is just one part of it, but sexy skirts, lingerie, and bold fun clothes are just one reason cam girls who do nude cam shows in costumes have such banner cam days!

wearing plaid skirt cumming on cam
Wearing plaid skirt cumming on cam (sophydiva)
Don’t Do the Same Things as Other Models on Cam Sites

In our opinion, movement and showing your face off is critical to catching the eye of customers when you are doing cam girl shows and this plays right into what guys are looking for when they pick a cam girl for a private sex show on the internet. First we want to find that so-called strange factor that appeals to us, then we want to see if the cam girl is engaging and friendly which is the hallmark sign a good adult webcam experience is awaiting. We think these are the factors guys are looking at when we pick a model to go into a private cam show with.

Lets look at a few examples of what works and what we would call just being bold and sexy:

Eye contact is the epitome of bold and sexy and linalus, a totally new and unspoiled cam girl at CamSoda completely alludes confidence and sexual radiance in this snapshot. Learn more about CamSoda.com is our CamSoda reviews, but she has the perfect simple look to get picked out.

cam girl linalus
cam girl linalus nails the look on webcam.

However, a few things that would really make her stand out on cam among other cam girls would be more vibrant clothes. For a guy looking for a chubby milf cam girl, if he scanned a page with dozens of models chances are he’d select this cam girl even if there were 50 other middle-aged women getting naked on webcam doing wild and crazy acts. That is due to her sexy smile and look of happiness without going overboard; there is still some mystery left and she seems approachable.

Sometimes a prize wheel and a buttplug are just not necessary and detract versus attract views. For example this random screencapture of priscillawtff from Chaturbate.com. Yes, she is a top-notch live sex cams performer as well, and you can read our Chaturbate.com reviews to learn more about that video streaming site for adults, but my point is sometimes less is more. While certainly we love her cam shows, we also think when you stumble into a cam show at a webcam site and you first see the buttplug and not a simple sexy smile, chances are you will not go for the extreme adult webcam show but rather that warm relate-able smile that meets your match of being strange and new to you.

priscillawtff a leading chat girl at streaming site Chaturbate

A gorgeous brunette with a wicked fun creative side as far as live sex cam shows, priscillawtff also has a gorgeous smile! Check out her show here 

naked on webcam
priscillawtff naked on webcam

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5 of the Top BongaCams Cam Girls

Today we are taking a closer look at a popular adult webcams site called BongaCams.com. BongaCams is a Russian girls live sex website based in Eastern Europe. They have acquired RusCams, Runetki and a whole host of other popular Russian girls webcams sites as you can read in BongaCams.com reviews.

Currently ranked as the best cam girl at BongaCams we have Jaxson. Jaxson is a stunning young Latvian cam girl with a seductive allure, perky tits, and a fun attentive personality that her fans have come to expect in her popular adult cam shows. She’s also in the realm of cam girl superstars and leads over 15,000 cam girls in the ranking of cam girls at BongaCams.com.

Jaxson is the current top ranked cam girl on BongaCams.

Next up we have the total Russian sex cam goddess Lorablu, not much more can be said about BongaCams webcam lady Lorablu except that she is a gorgeous cam girls from Moscow who has some wild sex cam entertainment waiting for those who drop by her room. TIP: Try her JOI instruction shows, she gets so into it! …and that Russian accent is so hot!

super hot Russian cam girl from BongaCams

Aliska-kisska is a Czech cam girl who has slender log legs and does some extreme masturbation cam shows that are not to be missed. I don’t know where that super size dildo goes considering how skinny this cam girl is. She’s a sweet girl as well if you are patient and work with Google translate to sort what she is saying. However, its more what she does than what she says that will leave you mesmerized. While not a Russian sex cam girl her masturbation cam shows are super authentic and wet, wherever it is that she comes from.


All too often we run into cam girls here that cannot speak English and we end up back over at sites like LiveJasmin or Streamate.com. Not to knock BongaCams as it is a super fun adult cam site as well, but as an English speaker I think they should have a special section that is just featuring cam girls who can speak English. With that said there are exceptions to that language drawback at this adult webcam site as well. One being the stunning curvy cam girl AnaPerry. She’s not shy at all and does some fetish cam shows like panty stuffing live on cam and a whole host of other dirty cam show stuff. Tell AnaPerry you saw her here when you stop by her live sex cams show.


Another one of the hottest Russian cam girls that speak English is Mazeekin30 and her live masturbation cam show is the real deal as you can see from this screen capture!

Mazeekin30 is a gorgeous brunette girls from BongaCams

Other top Bongacams cam girls we’d like to recognize are:

  1. anabelle20x
  2. Redfury69
  3. TouchMyGi

The biggest issue with BongaCams is that while it’s a super fun sex cam site like Chaturbate.com, few of the women on nude webcams here speak much English. They do have translation on their end, so they can masturbate on cam and dance around naked in their panties but if you want truly erotic chat with nude webcams from American and other English speaking cam girls your probably going to prefer another one of the top adult webcam sites. We have a full list of the best adult webcam sites.



Sex Cams Guide

In the guide to live sex we discuss all there is to learn about cyber sex. See what the differences are between adult cam entertainment sites and how true live sex cams and private cam shows differ.

Your Guide to Adult Webcams

Let’s face it, adult webcam chat is now so popular that millions of people do it daily. Unfortunately, how these sites work and how much they cost is somehow shrouded in secrecy. With our adult cam site reviews table you can read about our documented experiences using all the top adult chat sites. We make it fast and easy to see how each of the top chat sites for adult differ and what each one offers. Be safe and responsible and get more value for your money with the information we offer here. Let us help you discover the real top cam sites for adults; be armed with more information so you can make more informed decisions.

Cam girls chat sites have become exceptionally popular in adult entertainment, but there are key differences to be aware of.

We hope you found this detailed adult webcam reviews site table and adult chat site directory useful. It took us nearly 2 year to collect and document these experiences for readers. On page 1 of the table above we have featured just the top cam sites. We ranked these adult cams sites #1 – #20. From those 20 top adult webcam chat sites, we judged just 7 to be the best adult cam sites overall. This was due to the fact just a handful of live sex chat sites offered users the best overall values:

Learn About Sex Cam Entertainment Sites

In our reviews of adult chat sites , we define value by looking at the following factors:

Our website shares how to get the best value using adult cams.
  1. The best choice of users, cam models, broadcasters, and hosts.
  2. The lowest prices for adult chat and live sex cams.
  3. The most reliable user experience; such as load times, mobile responsiveness, and easy of navigation.
You’ve most likely seen pop ups for these adult cam sites, but how do they work?

The fact is porn chat sites are still fairly new having been around less than a decade and in that time this new form of xxx rated live entertainment has totally reshaped how consumers use porn. Free sex tub sites not feature pirated cam girl shows and push users back to live sex while paid for recorded porn is nearly a dead art. The fact is live sex cams are all the rage and with the level of interactivity adult webcam sites offer over recorded porn; there is no telling how much of a relic of the past porn movies will become. Live sex is truly 10 steps ahead and between these voyeur cam shows and the truly private 1 on 1 sex cam offerings it’s a whole new adult entertainment landscape. Above. we’ve outlined the many ways we assist our readers in learning about the wild west of live sex! Lastly, we also shared our experiences with the cheapest adult webcams sites for those looking to save even more money. 

5 Best Chaturbate Teen Cam Girls

It’s our pleasure to share a short list of the leading teen Chaturbate cam girls. These are the hottest and most popular 18 year old Chaturbate webcams models.

Top Teen Live Sex Cam Stars

List of the top teen live sex cam girls.

College Co-ed princessblaire Orgasm Shows Are Popular

  • The queen of 18-year-old webcams in the adult entertainment world is currently princessblaire with collectively more than 50,000 fan followers on the site itself plus across Twitter and Instagram. Watch princessblaire webcam and be assured of a memorable experience!

    Best Body On Chaturbate of 2019

  • No ranking site would be correct unless it recognizes as one of the best Teen Cam Girls on Chaturbate as cyanide_candys aka Zara-Luna -Gaby – Rose. A crazy sexy carved cam girl body and just 18 years old. She loved to dance in her panties on live cams and isn’t shy about sharing really wet orgasm, real panty drenching orgasm webcam shows. This gorgeous teen live sex cams star is from Venezuela.
Cyanide_candys leads the list of top young Chaturbate cam girls.

Realest Live Orgasm Shows

  • A star on any list of the top Chaturbate teen cam girls, gabyteller is just your real girl next door that masturbates on cam for cold hard cash. She’s good at it and who doesn’t love watching college girls cum in their bed live. What else can be said, she’s tearing it up now as a top cam girl at Chaturbate.


Top Lesbian Live Sex Show on Chaturbate

Known for some of the top teen cam girls shows is a lesbian duo that are brand new on Chaturbate and go by the username valen_n_taty. The pictures speak for themselves and yes these girls make each other orgasm in real life and with the angles and clarity of their cam shows you can literally see their body clench and the full course of events as they reach lesbian orgasms live. These lesbian cam girls also are Venezuelan.

Teen lesbian cams
Biggest Teen Booty Cam Girl at Chaturbate.com
  • We went and saved our best for last, joyce_park who also maybe the Chaturbate cam girl with the biggest fucking ass on the site. Curvaceous and creative sexually she has gained fans and followers at a record pace.
Honorable mentions for Top New Chaturbate Shows go to:
  • 18-year-old cam girl abigailmartin from Colombia and ceresi a sexy new Chaturbate live sex cams couple.
    ceresi – 2nd runner-up on our list for top new Chaturbate models


    abigailmartin 1st runner-up on our list for top new Chaturbate models

4 Cutest Cam Girls with Braces

Today we share our feature article that showcases of some of the top young cam girls with braces; these are internet models who also happen to be 18-year-old cam girls. What red-blooded man doesn’t have deep down sexual fantasies about young cute girls stripping live on webcam? Our list of brand new internet models are professional young ladies who really act the part; braces, pigtails, and all the tools for your imagination when it comes to naughty role-playing and fantasy adult webcam shows. Enjoy, this is a list of just some of the best new cam girls ages 18-21!

List of Top 18-year-old Cam Girls

A list of the best new young cam girls like Ruby_Walker. Watch Ruby_Walker webcam show here.

1. Super Cute Cam Roleplay Shows

youngandadorbs is a stunning new internet model with less than 30 live cam shows under her belt. If you are after a cute internet model with a thin but bubbly sexy ass, this 18-year-old Latin cam girl might be right up your alley. A super cute smile and a very kinky imagination, she loves to play out super taboo baby-sitter fantasies on live webcams.  A roleplay cam girl who loves to wear school girl stockings and sexy nylons that has super deep-throat cam skills. She actually does Femdom indicative of a person with a switch sexual personality; but youngandadorbs does not anal live sex cam shows. Watch youngandadorbs webcam show here.

youngandadorbs is 18-year-old Latin cam girl

2. Hot Pig Tails Cam Girl

If phone sex with a real 18 year old cam girl is what you are after you can get the best of both worlds including live porn sex chat with Krystal_Orchid on Streamate (reviews at that link). She may pretend to be a super submissive cam girl who is shy at first but control is what really turns this dirty talking cam girl on. Costumes, props, and pig tails, she loves to watch men cum on webcam during JOI and then laugh and collect the proceeds of her live sex cams shows. Watch Krystal_Orchid webcam show here. 18-year-old cam girls like Krystal_Orchid with a true mind for adult entertainment, a gorgeous shaved pussy and cute small tits are few and far between. She’s got a super vivid imagination and really has a knack for what she does. When is comes to cam girls with pigtails and bald super tight pussy who are super good at fantasy sex cam shows she has to be on the top of any list. She is adorable and her live sex cam shows are filled with dirty hot talk on cam that really feels unrehearsed and on the fly.

3. Internet Models with Booty and Braces

Krystal_Orchid is a top teen cam girl with pigtails.

LarissaMaia is a top new cam girl on both LiveJasmin (reviews at that link) as well as Chaturbate (reviews at that link). You can see her again shaking her cam girl money-maker in the screen capture picture below. She’s 19 and a Gorgeous Latin teen cam girl who loves to show off her big fat butt in cotton panties.

larissamaia does live sex shows on 2 different cam sites.

Watch LarissaMaia webcam show here at Chaturbate, or here at LiveJasmin

4. Indian Live Sex Masturbation Chat

When it comes to watching young girls masturbating live, the video sex chat show with amirazara was one of the most erotic cam shows we have seen in recent memory. She’s a teen Indian sex cams girl from Mumbai. Something is bizarre with her audio feed but since there are few hot young Indian cam girls on live webcams and her show was super hot, we looked past the audio streaming issues. Watch amirazara webcam show here.

amirazara Indian teen sex cams model

All models appearing in the images above are from the leading live sex chat site called Streamate.com and are over the age of 18 years old. The custody of records is Stremate.

Also make sure to read our list of the hottest cam girls and of course the adult webcam site reviews. Also if you are on a tight budget and still want to find good cheap adult cams, out list of the cheapest sex cams, is worth reading.