CamSurf Warning, Review, & Adult Chat Advice

We call this a camsurf review & adult advisory because is not a safe alternative for adult random chat. Our review has sites like camsurf that can be used for sex chat. However, let’s first discuss what is and what exactly they offer its users.

Here is the camsurf video that markets the site. As the old adage goes believe nothing you hear and only half of what you see. In the case of this marketing video, I would say believe none of it. The reason why we say that is because very few people are using cam surf without any sexual intentions.

Camsurf Crash Course

Camsurf is hardly a traditional cam site and advertises itself as a family-oriented random chat app a la Chatroulette. Therefore, if you’re looking for a sexy X-rated encounter, you won’t find it here! Truth be told cam surf is about as bad of a video chat website as omexxx. (Which is bad!)

sites like camsurf
Watch the sneaky hands of guys at sites like camsurf. Oftentimes faces are off-screen and hands either slide out of pants fast or slide in.

Camsurf uniquely appeals to creating a G-rated global community for complete strangers to bond through, advertising itself as one of the safest Chatroulette alternatives on the net for minors. The site promises to scrub the platform of nudity and adult content with a skilled team of moderators and the help of user reports.

Nothing could be further from the truth with a vast number of ways to get around the cam surf ban. As a matter of fact, videos showing you how to get unbanned on camsurf have hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube.

camsurf is a notorious random chat cams site.

Once the site’s stringent guidelines have been breached, these moderators can take the appropriate actions–suspending, banning, and/or directing the incident to the authorities–in order to preserve the site’s wholesome atmosphere.

More power to them as well. However, this is a stern warning to our readers that camsuft is not a place for nudity.

Moreover, because of the fact that minors may access the site, you could be committing a sex crime if you display any nudity on this site and the minor views your cam.

THEREFORE, DO NOT DO IT. Use an appropriate adult version of cam surf with age verification.

Random Chat Sites Like Cam Surf Should Carry Large Warnings

However, Camsurf, like many other random chat apps, has an oddly obsessive commitment to the “random” aspect of the site. Aside from location filters that members can use to narrow down strangers to a specific country, users cannot use additional filters to sort their connections by age or even by gender.

Random chat sites
Random chat sites are often full of very strange men trying to expose themselves. It’s not always true but it is a problem at random video chat sites.

This can be fairly unsettling when you consider that Camsurf is a site specifically geared toward kids.

There is a chilling possibility that predators can take advantage of the true randomness of Camsurf’s pairing algorithms to contact vulnerable users.

Fortunately, as with all Chatroulette platforms, if you want to stop the conversation, you can always click “Next” to view a different webcam.

Because of the site’s dedication to accessibility for all users, there is no sign-up required to start chatting. This policy is mirrored in other random chat sites like Omegle but is admittedly dubious in this instance since there is no way to verify a user’s age when they join.

random video chat sites
Very few random video chat sites truly verify users’ ages. That is a problem!

One might argue that requiring registration might be limiting for Camsurf’s younger audience, but the lack of any presentation of identity seems at the very least, unsafe.

I do hope that Camsurf considers mandatory registration in the future to consider the safety and accountability of all its members.

Heck, even some of the dicey Asian cams like dxlive worry me less than this wreckless random cams website.

CamSurf Not Intended for Sex Chat (Summary and Review)

If you’re a wandering porn fan looking to get your rocks off, is definitely not for you. The site’s guidelines explicitly prohibit obscene or sexual acts in order to encourage a safe community for users of all ages.

This is what makes it scary that so many grown men are prowling these sites and jacking off.

We actually looked at 4 search terms, one being the entire ‘random chat’ search compared to this random chat site as well as Omegle and chat roulette. We found that literally millions of people each month are using these sites.

Anti-porn policies like these can be a real cockblocker, but Camsurf definitely isn’t your only option and if you are looking for adult chat NONE OF THESE random chat sites should be on your radar!

random girls on cam
You won’t find random girls like this on cam at camsurf.

Until the site adjusts its platform to create a more tailored chat experience, try an adult-oriented cam site like out instead, where you can direct your wildest fantasies with hot, willing models. And don’t worry, this site’s for grown-ups only.

You can read more about that xxx webcam site in our streamate review. Another great cam surf alternative is Chaturbate.

Yes, now you can stop searching for, “How to get unbanned from camsurf” and play with the big boys.

The bottom line for random video chat stick to the real adult cam sites instead of sites like, chatrandom, or ometv.

After all, chat with strangers should be fun and all these shady places like Omegle video chat are not designed for adult chat!

Lastly, also read our list of the top adult chat sites. We have some really mind-blowing cam surf alternatives to suggest; all of which allow adult chat on cam.

Likewise, check out our post sharing some of the hottest cam girls with braces. If you like chatting with young random college girls on cam this is a safe place to ensure they are of legal age!

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