This is the place to learn more about top live cam sex chat sites from a real person who regularly uses adult webcams. The blunt truth is I broke up with my girlfriend 9 years ago and joined an adult cam site and from their the rest is history! Little did I know then that when I was laid off a month later I would start blogging about my experiences to share the good and bad about live porn video chat. Anyway, for nearly a decade now I have been testing and trying out adult cams and sharing my experiences for readers. It’s just mind-blowing how much porn has changed since then. Cyber sex is now all about real online interaction in live time…

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So that’s what we do; write about sex cams. We carefully test and try all the top live chat sites. Afterwards we compile the facts about our experiences into a chart and display the data in a format that is easy to read and very useful. See the example below. From the home page you will first encounter a similar chart. From your desktop the chart displays. Likewise you can scroll up or down and right to left from your mobile on your mobile.

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Live sex cams sites are used by adults around the world. What is frustrating is running into live sex cams scams and cam sites that are out to screw you. When you just want to get clear answers and facts about the difference adult webcam sites you can rely on our 3rd party cam site reviews. Our goal is to never, ‘sell’ but rather to, ‘inform’. The experiences we have had serve as a testimony to what thousands of others have encountered and enable people to be armed with more tools when making decisions about adult online services.

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Adult cams aka cam sites are nothing more than websites that bring together adults for live video chat from home. Sometimes these cam sites offer professional models called ‘cam girls’ while other times it’s just amateurs who are meeting to chat about sex on webcam. However, in nearly all cases money changes hands and one party to the live cam show is paid. Voyeur cams and fetish cam sites are other niches. Whichever categories you fall into, we aim to be able to assist you in making a more informed decision about adult cams websites.

Adult cams are different things to different people.

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Whichever niche you are into, whether is it fetish cam sites, gay webcam sites, cam girl chat sites, live sex sites, or Asian webcam chat sites; we have documented our experiences at over 70 unique platforms for adult webcam chat. These are cam sites from all corners of the world. New or old, mobile or desktop cam sites, you can find it all here at Top Live Chat ™. Unlock the world of modern and action packed live sex entertainment with our reviews of the best adult webcams sites. …And realize not all the video chat sites are good either. More than 30% of the reviews reflect cam sites that we DO NOT recommend. We tell it like it is and share the real scoop on where to find the best values and how to save money with cheap live adult webcams.

Lastly, make sure to also be aware that we offer a alphabetically organized list of cam sites with reviews.