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SkyPrivate Reviews

SkyPrivate Reviews
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SkyPrivate Reviews

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About :

SkyPrivate is a webcam site that features adult webcams models who are available for private adult sex cams shows and sex chat via skype. For someone looking for skype sex cams this is the 2nd best thing. This webcam chat site for adults only and it uses interaction through Skype. The issue is too many of the cam girls who say they are available are not which makes it a bit of a waste of time for users. Likewise, cam models think their saving money by using this service over a regular adult webcams platform since the split to the model is higher, but what they fail to realize is they lose money when they swap out their affiliate links for cam sites because users register using those same cam site links giving models more revenue than they will typically ever earn at SkyPrivate from referrals. However, as far as user experiences we would suggest you skip this site and check out the Streamate reviews, a cam site where you get a lot more value, selection, and convenience.

Selection: Beautiful females who seem like they are pros. Most of the models are real hotties, only a few uglies.

Mobile Responsive (Y/N): They are working on it, but until then you can use Skyprivate on mobiles (smartphones) and tablets that run Windows 10.

Average Cost Per minute: Most of the models go for $2 per minute.

Pros: A very private and intimate feel, through the Skype platform but a huge pain in the butt when you can just go direct to a cam site and save loads of time.

Cons: Unable to see the model preview without being registered. As noted above I hate to give a bad SkyPrivate review but as I mentioned it’s just a slow way to use adult webcams. Most users want to get on, chat, see the models, and get off (literally). This is a bit of a waste of time compared to the best adult webcams sites.

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Homepage of SkyPrivate

Editor summary of SkyPrivate :

This is an innovative way to get a webcam show, that has a different feel that the regular webcam show. The feel of the intimacy is present since having a webcam show, through your own Skype is private but it’s a slow and tedious process using SkyPrivate and I have to share that in the official review of this skype webcams sex service. The selection of the models that are featured on SkyPrivate is satisfactory at best and even that maybe a stretch. Most of the girls are a bit jaded by traditional cam sites and they all have a pay per minute cost so there is literally no free skype sex chat whereas at a cam site you can see what you are getting first.

The whole SkyPrivate skype sex chat site has a bit of a rough and hard to understand look as well that the exclusive adult webcam sites do not have. What I mean it it’s not so much of a pleasure to browse through it. The model profiles could use a face lift and do not feel like they are a private page and they also don’t always feature small clips and/or videos from the performers like a cam site has. This is needed since you don’t get to see the previews of the models since let’s face it their not really online now are they. That can be a let down, especially on a site that features some hotties like SkyPrivate does have.

Overall my reviews of SkyPrivate are going to have to be a bit critical. I do not get that ‘live sex’ at all from this site. It feels mechanical reaching out via this site and always like you have to schedule a webcam show; which basically you do. On the other hand the bdsm, non-adult, girlfriend experience and other angles that are not that usual in the “same old, same old “webcam world is kinda neat. SkyPrivate seems as if the whole idea is on point but this execution is still a bit flawed. We’ve also read that the SkyPrivate mobile support is so-so and not present at times. As a last word, my honest advice is try reading the reviews or Flirt4Free reviews, which provide a near instant connection with good prices and a massive selection.