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MyDirtyHobby Reviews – Good or Bad?

MyDirtyHobby Reviews – Good or Bad?
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MyDirtyHobby: What to Expect – Full Review


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In 10 words of less amateur pornography is all that you can find here and MindGeek owns this site. That is really all we can say because there is nothing impressive at MyDirtyHobby at all. The same company owns XVideos and so what they do is (try to) get cam girls to do shows at MyDirtyHobby instead of real cam sites and then they also send some of their adult tube traffic (that they cannot sell) to this adult social network they created to make extra money. A few cam girls have taken the bait and will sometimes offer premium live sex cams shows here, but you have to pay for those. So really the entire website is nearly pointless and not worth your time. Sure there is some good nude pictures of wanna be porn stars like TatjanaYoung, Daynia, Antonia-19, MilaElaine, and Mila70F but pictures are sorta boring. That said, I have recently read a number of sites saying basically, “There is no better place for watching steamy sexy cam babes” than MyDirtyHobby. That’s simply not true. This website is OK and depending on your location can be better or worse. The reason is because they frankly have few active members in the United States and are just starting to get a base membership established in the UK. So your really pigeon-holed if you are an American trying to see value using this adult social network site. Likewise they try to be a cam site and an adult social network and don’t do the best job at either. The fact is the same company that operates mydirtyhobby owns most porn studios and they have never been good at launching their own communities besides the free porn video sites they are known for.  A good webcam sex show at is a REALLY HARD FIND!

They claim to be a place for porn amateur sex chat and a adult webcam site combined in one, but again fail in both regards.

Mobile Responsive (Y/N): Yes, this site is mobile responsive and it also has a social network support as well.

Average Cost Per minute: Expect to pay around $7.00 per minute for a decent cam girls show which is like way, way too much.

Pros: A 24/7 adult social network is a good idea but it fails to recognize that women get naked on cams for money and men are just an annoyance if they are not paying. This is why sex social network sites really don’t work and why this site also sorta sucks to be totally honest:

Cons: None. really, save your money MyDirtyHobby is not a scam but it’s a joke when you can use so many other more fun legit sex webcam sites.

Homepage Picture of MyDirtyHobby :

Homepage of MyDirtyHobby

Editor summary of MyDirtyHobby : maybe the largest adult webcam social network, but besides some free hardcore porn that you can get anywhere there is not much sense to waste your time at this website. Cam shows are few and far between and totally overpriced and the claim that they have the hottest babes on the net is marketing mumbo jumbo. While the homepage is well organized with lots of sexy models these ladies are like hardly ever on this website because they are in fact at other real webcam sites making money; not wasting them time with men just prowling around looking for free sex cams. Read about the best adult cam sites rather than waste your time here.