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HijabChat Reviews

HijabChat Reviews
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HijabChat Reviews

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About :

It is a free to join webcam site that offers its users the opportunity to watch some of the sexiest middle eastern’s women perform live. We think its a scam folks. There are not many Arab adult webcam girls here nor do many exist.

Selection: Claims lots of middle eastern women who are ranging from teen 18 + to milf but the selection is bad to be honest.

Mobile Responsive (Y/N): Yes.

Average Cost Per minute: It all varies from model to model but the average was $3.70 per minute

Pros: A very well organised site, that’s covering a very exotic niche.

Cons: Most of the models are off-line.

Homepage Picture of HijabChat :

Homepage HijabChat

Editor summary of HijabChat :

There are many webcam sites on the net that are covering niches that are rare. With the girls that they are featuring are niche as it gets. The site has some of the most beautiful middle eastern women who truly are stunning. Maybe it is the burka or the fact that they look so exotic, but in any case it has some of the most amazing women that will make your jaw drop. The site at first glance gives off that slick look, with a smooth layout and a very nice looking design. The actual models are hot as F and most of them have their burkas on. That is the lure of it all, since most of the other webcams already have an middle eastern girl on their roster, but when they are all in one same place, looking the way they do, it’s magic. What was a huge let down was that most of the models that are showcased on the front page are gone. Their model box is empty and it says off-line. Okay, lets pick someone else. Nope. The same thing. It is as if there are 2-3 models on line and the rest are off. This is something that a webcam site just can not let happen since it gives off a very poor look, regardless of the women that they offer. The cool thing about the site is that the model bios and their whole profile is done with taste and a good U.E. It is obvious that the model promo was done by a professional and that they poured in some mulah into the site and into the models so that the user gets his money worth. Their profiles offer you the chance to see their pictures and every one of them has a promo video. I think it is in fact the burka, since these girls seem even hotter once the pictures and videos are checked out and then you get a live show.