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FetishGirls Reviews

FetishGirls Reviews
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FetishGirls Reviews

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About :

It is a site that is dedicated to fetishes of all kinds. The difference is that with FetishGirls, you can make your own video and direct the girls the way you see fit. They are different than the rest in this way, since you get the opportunity to be the creator of the video. That is the concept of this site.

Selection: The girls that are featured are hand picked, since some of them are drop dead gorgeous. The selection is tight, which keeps the “quality” at a high level.

Mobile Responsive (Y/N): All engines working on the mobile .

Average Cost Per minute: Some of the girls are selling their videos that go on average for about $10.

Pros: The selection of the girls is top notch and the idea seems original.

Cons: Accessing the webcam girls without a proper log in is non-existent.

Homepage Picture of FetishGirls :

Homepage of FetishGirls

Editor summary of FetishGirls :

The whole site seems very different from the start. The usual webcam site seems very scattered and you are hit by the selection of girls from the top. With this site, this is not the situation since they obviously have a designer who knows what he is doing and is in communication with the owners, who also have an idea behind their product. So, the site is also smooth and gives off a very good 1st impression, being a bdsm fetish site. The girls featured on there are pros. Some of them are pornstars that are top tier, like Capri Anderson. Also, the registration is free and easy. The videos that are featured can also be downloaded for a small fee, but that is the lure of it. The whole look of the site is nice. When using the word “nice” that means that everything is in its right place, well organised and a pleasure to discover. The bios of the bdsm models is separated in three sections, that you can see all at once and it’s just a fun site to be on. There is also a live show section where one can watch it all live or just buy the video later on. The quality of these shows is at its best, worth the purchase. For those that want to become bdsm webcam model, the offer is open and one can also register if they desire to make as they state “over $75,000 a year”. Good luck.