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CamContacts Reviews

CamContacts Reviews
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CamContacts Reviews

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Platform that is designed to chat with girls 24/7 from over 170 countries in the world. The fact is this cam site is perhaps the most rusty feeling of all 70 plus cam sites we tried. They claim it is by design to avoid being too over the top sexy. We just don’t buy it. It’s a fine overall experience but truly this adult chat site needs modernized badly.

Selection: The models all look hot since most of them come from the eastern block.

Mobile Responsive (Y/N): Yes.

Average Cost Per minute: $2.00 to $4.00 depending on the cam girls.

Pros: Models from all walks of life and many different types

Cons: Old clunky feels like it’s never had any updates. Were not sure why, nor is anyone. They need to redesign the website badly.

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Homepage of CamContacts

Editor summary of CamContacts :

When all other webcam sites are offering chatting and sex shows services, offers something quite different and this offer makes it stand out from the crowd. You can create an actual contact with some hot cam girls from over 170 countries around the globe. The type of models is of your choosing, you can talk to sexy teen babes or business women and you can do it by using your phone. The best thing about it is that it is completely free and accessible 24/7! There is nothing quite like this around the net so feel free to check it out. After you join in, you can see who is online now or just type something in the search bar like a brunette or a teen or milf. If you are not certain about your search, choose some of the following options, search chathosts, which is the most used along with who is online, enter discussion forums and exchange your experiences with other members, go to a community chat, visit special events or simply view the site map. They have Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube network support so that you can use your social network info to create an account. Now, you have to create an account before you can do anything and that is a bit of a pain in the ass but after you do, you will see that it’s well worth of your effort and time. The number of models is astonishing and you can never know what can happen. If a sexy chat is your thing, this could be right up your alley. Besides all of this, you can follow their get-to-know-your-way-around routine and you can read the descriptions about all the features that they share. This site has no cons what so ever besides the fact that you have to create an account in order to do anything but the number of girls is huge, it has mobile and social network support, you can chat with girls from more than 170 countries in world and the navigation is more than simple.